• Reduce Down-Time,and increase Up-Time

  • Reduce delays and optimise productivity in your operation

  • Reduce Risk of stock loss as a result of theft and accident

  • Minimise the hassle of paperwork for insurance claims and reduce insurance premiums

  • Improve BEE score rating

About us

Hyperlink Distributions (Pty) Ltd is a BBBEE level 1 empowering logistics company offering efficient long distance transportation anywhere in South Africa, and across our borders. We have a passion for trucking and a personal commitment for the secure haulage of goods from point A to point B.

Flexible Fleet

We take pride in our well- maintained trucks. We have a flexible fleet to manage the demands of an operation. Our vast industry experience and networks allows us the ability to increase or decrease capacity based on dedicated work and the client's needs.

Advanced Fleet Management

Our transparency in operation means that we offer real-time tracking, and are able to tell you where our trucks are at any given time, the direction and speed at which the drivers are travelling, their stoppage, fuel consumption, harsh breaking, and the mileage. Every day, and all day, our trucks' and driver driving behaviours are monitored to ensure optimum performance.

Eco-Friendly Operations

We strive towards continuous improvement and best practices to preserve our precious eco-system. We select trucks with lower fuel consumption, which translates to lower carbon emissions. Using technology to our advantage, we make every effort to function on a virtual platform to reduce the cost of stationary and printing.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

Our Services

We provide dedicated primary transport solutions to the manufacturing, warehousing and freight-forwarding industries. We aim to fit into any business corporations' value-base, including but not limited to safety compliancy, excellent turn-around-times, express delivery, and line-haul transport. Our services include the transport of break bulk, containerised goods and bulk transportation services. We target the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and FMCG sector.

Operations & Safety

Our belief is in quality without compromise and considers our people to be the heart of our operation, and drivers towards fulfilling our clients' needs. We exemplify a winning formula with an amalgamated management with practical and theoretical understanding and through providing excellence in service, integrity of work, and by empowering our team.

Keep in touch

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Our Office

Address: 251 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Point, Durban

Phone: 074 668 0821

Email: shinaaz@hyp3rlink.com

Monday - Friday : 7:30 Am - 5:30 Pm

Saturday - Sunday: 7:30 Am - 3:30 Pm